Pentax K-x memory card problem: solution update

I’ve long since fixed the memory card problem I was having five months ago with my new Pentax K-x, but I just realized I hadn’t updated the saga on here.

I left it in Part 2 with a possible solution and a new approach to memory card management. It’s been working fine since updating the firmware and formatting the card in-camera a few times. Since then I’ve relaxed my proposed approach without any problems. Specifically:

  • I have plugged the SD card directly into my computer’s card reader for importing, and this has not been a problem;
  • I have deleted individual photos in-camera without problems;
  • I have deleted all photos in-camera through the “Delete All Photos” menu option without problems.

So, really, it looks like it was a firmware update that did it. Update the firmware in your cameras, kids. And format your memory cards in-camera before using them.

I’ve taken thousands of photos on that card since fixing the problem, so it’s definitely working as it should.

Pentax memory card problem & solution, part 2

Update: It worked. See here for details.

The previous solution didn’t work, after all.  I started getting “Memory card error”, “Card is not formatted”, and “Image can not be displayed” error messages again.

My new approach:

  • update my firmware (I was still running 1.00, while the new version was 1.02);
  • only connect the memory card to the computer through the camera’s USB option (as in, never plug the SD card directly into the computer)
  • only format the card in-camera;
  • never delete photos in-camera (only delete via in-camera formatting option)


My ‘test roll’ of 60 photos since the update has gone off without a hitch.
An interesting note: Before the firmware update, the computer didn’t see any folders or files on the SD card when the camera was connected via USB.  I’m sure it saw them sometime in the past week, so I imagine it was the memory card error that was affecting this.  Again, since the firmware update followed by formatting in-camera, this has been fixed.


Fingers crossed…

Pentax memory card problem & solution

While I use a K-x, this problem seems to affect more than just my camera model or brand of memory card (Kingston, class 4).

The problem(s):

  1. When trying to view the preview of my photos in-camera, some photos do not display, instead showing an “Image can not be displayed” error (or something to that effect). There was previously a “Memory Card Error” messaged displayed in the camera.
  2. When imported, these files are corrupted and do not display or import.
  3. Attempting to format the card in-camera produced the same “Memory Card Error” message.

The solution: Use your USB cable to connect the camera to the computer for importing, etc., instead of inserting the SD card into the computer directly. Then eject the camera from the computer and format the SD card through the camera’s menu.

This solved the problems listed above, for me.

Based on what various Pentax forum posters say, the mistakes that led to the problem appear to be any mix of the following: