Pentax K-x memory card problem: solution update

I’ve long since fixed the memory card problem I was having five months ago with my new Pentax K-x, but I just realized I hadn’t updated the saga on here.

I left it in Part 2 with a possible solution and a new approach to memory card management. It’s been working fine since updating the firmware and formatting the card in-camera a few times. Since then I’ve relaxed my proposed approach without any problems. Specifically:

  • I have plugged the SD card directly into my computer’s card reader for importing, and this has not been a problem;
  • I have deleted individual photos in-camera without problems;
  • I have deleted all photos in-camera through the “Delete All Photos” menu option without problems.

So, really, it looks like it was a firmware update that did it. Update the firmware in your cameras, kids. And format your memory cards in-camera before using them.

I’ve taken thousands of photos on that card since fixing the problem, so it’s definitely working as it should.