Firefox stops more tracking than Chrome

This site loads very different assets depending on which browser you use.

Open up the web console (Ctrl+Shift+I), click on Network, and reload the page. Using Firefox I get ~37 requests, while Chrome gives me ~54 requests — 17 more.

The difference? Google.

Across multiple tests, Chrome sends 10-15 times more extra requests to Google than Firefox does on this page. That’s 10-15 extra requests in Chrome vs 1 in Firefox. No plugins, both in Private/Incognito mode with the cache disabled.

This involves Chrome sending requests to Google proper, Google Analytics and Google’s Doubleclick ad network.

The only extra thing Firefox attempts is one connection to Google proper for some javascript.

I long ago removed all trace of Google from this site (bye bye Google Analytics and javascript hosted by Google) except for two static font calls, so these are all due to having a YouTube video and a Spotify playlist embeded on the page. And this isn’t even from hitting Play on either of them — it loads all that extra tracking cruft well before you even scroll down the page.

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