in-flight groovie

April 27, 2012

it’s an odd feeling to go for a stroll in the middle of the night on an airplane and realize that the window covers are blocking mid-day sunlight. 4AM is no longer such in this state of timezone flux.

the plan is to stay up all “night” so that we can easily get back on the Manitoba clock when we hit the land of the free. we’re arriving at 7-something PM Vancouver time, having left 11:55PM that same night Taipei time. it’ll do a number on you, for sure.

to keep myself busy and awake, i’m skimming through the last seven months of photos from life and vacations, picking the keepers for a slideshow this weekend. luckily for me, the in-flight entertainment system includes new albums (I didn’t even know half of them had been released, since I’ve been completely out of the loop in the past year) from Coldplay, The Black Keys, and Florence + the Machine, and others.

Every time I listen to the Black Keys, I wonder why I don’t listen to them incessantly. They’re so much fun with just the right grit thrown in.

Back to the photos. At the rate I’m going through them right now, I might actually have some to post in the next few days. I’m already over a month behind in sharing photos from the dance exchanges we hit in Vietnam and Cambodia, so that’ll probably be my next photo culling/posting project.