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It’s nice to have the site running again. I laughed when I saw my archives, though, as I’ve consistently posted three Januaries in a row. And only in those months.

I relatively recently switched hosts (from Geekstorage to CrocWeb), and decided to do a fresh start with my blog.

So I started fresh. But then tonight, while working with my old site’s sql archive, I accidentally overwrote this site with all my old posts. So I went with rule three and rolled with it.

Obviously none of my media made the sql rebuild trip, so a quick unpack and upload of my old archive’s media folder and I was fully up and running.

I only had one new post from this morning, so a quick repost of that and everything is back to new.


A few things I’m trying out on the new site — a new theme. Twenty Fifteen. It’s the default, but I’m going with it for a while instead of fiddling with perfection. I actually like it.

Speaking of fiddling with perfection, I’ve stripped back some of the plugins I spent way too much time trying to get working perfectly last time around. As much as I like the style and sentiment of Dave Winer’s paragraph links, I’ll wait on implementing that and others for a while.

I am going to try implementing Alex King/Crowd Favorite’s Threads along the way, though.


So in the end, it was a search in my archives for a photo of the best little blues bar in Bangkok that ‘prompted’ me to get everything back on this site. And I still can’t find the photo.

That’s life, I suppose.

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